Fashion faux pas (part 6)

25 Mar

Last week Astrid reminded me of yet another Fashion Faux Pas, thanks babe!

Everybody has their own issues, when it comes to the body. I have many, like my ‘non petite’ legs. I was born with them and supposedly they were lovely when I was a baby, cuddly fatty baby legs, but when you’re a grow-up, suddenly they aren’t so cute anymore…

For a long time I did hide them under maxi skirts and trousers, but a few years ago I stopped hiding them. In winter I can still cover them with beautiful hold ups in lace, with flower patterns, in Prince-of-Wales checks and other nice leg wear, but when spring arrives and hold ups become to warm…

I used to cover my legs with a self tanner of a certain brand and was pretty satisfied with the result, although I didn’t like the way the self tanner came off, in an irregular stained way. Then my favorite self tanner changed ingredients and also got a shimmer (something you don’t want on heavy legs!), so I had to look for another brand. I bought a very expensive new one and because I had to work on monday and had been lazy over the weekend, sunday evening I started to rub my legs in the new self tanner. Carefully I set on the end of my bed and gave the creme time to smooth into my skin. When it was all dried in I went to sleep.

Monday morning I was in a hurry and in the shower I quickly observed at my legs. I got frightened by what I saw, dark brown stains all over! I tried to scrub the tanner of, but it was totally stuck on my legs. I had to run to work and just hoped nobody would notice, although I knew this was wishful thinking and só not realistic !

At the studio I went to go up the stairs, Astrid walked behind me, but she didn’t say a thing. Pff, she didn’t notice!? A few minutes later she got a huge smile on her face and said: “You must have had a busy weekend rubbing in teak-oil on your legs…!” I felt so stupid but had to laugh too. I love her witty humor! After that day I decided to accept the way my legs look natural….ah, very pale.

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