Reinhard Plank, hats & shoes

25 Mar

This week I celebrated my 52nd birthday and it was one of the best birthdays ever!!! I was terribly spoiled by my friends…

My man-friend left for South-Africa, but not before giving me a one-off fabulous birthday-present…: a transparent, vintage beads necklace worn by Naomi Campbell at the Rifat Ozbek s/s 1990 fashion show! My friend was responsible for the music at  Rifat Ozbek’s shows for years and gave him the necklace personally after the show. How fab is that?! Edina Monsoon eat your heart out….!

And that was only the beginning, because my girlfriends surprised me too with great gifts. I don’t want to make anybody envious, but a beautiful flower-arrangement in a glass-looks-like-wood vase, Kyoto fragrance by Comme Des Garçons and an amazing wax candle-holder by Maison Martin Margiela 13..

After coffee I went for some shoe-shopping (not for me) with my friend/sister-in-law and in her favourite shoe store I saw an incredibly beautiful hat. I tried it on and fell in love with it. I didn’t dare to ask the price, afraid it would be expensive. The price was nice and I wanted to buy it for myself, but I got it as yet another fab birthday-present!!

                 I am incredibly spoiled  this year, thanks só much again to all of you…!!!!

In the shoe store I asked the owner about the designer of the hat and he told me the brand is still small and quiet new, all  hats are made by the designer himself, Reinhard Plank. At home I googled the name and found the website:   Check it out yourself!

Reinhard Plank is still only sold by high fashion stores which sell smaller but very promising brands. Loved by fashion in-crowd and daring people. The hats are very agreeably priced, something seldom happens at a new and obscure brand! The designs are inspired by old farmers hats, the dandy look, Peter Pan, Robin Hood and classic English designs as the bowler and top hat.

Video of Reinhard Plank decorating a hat

Reinhard Plank biography

Born in Vipiteno (Bolzano, Italy) in 1970. He graduated in 1998 at Wiens University of Applied Arts. He participated in many design projects and in 1996  he won the International Design Competition of Fukai (Japan). In 2003 in Wien he began to recycle hats and reshape them on his personal style. So was born his first hat: “il classico”. In 2005 he moved to Tuscany to approach the old and traditional art of making hats. In the same year he participated at his firts Pitti Uomo and emerged as a hat/cap designer. While proceeding in his research, in 2007 he designed his first pair of shoes.

In Amsterdam Reinhard Plank is sold by LUUKS

Online sold at   and

2 Responses to “Reinhard Plank, hats & shoes”

  1. Dominik HC 30 December 2019 at 17:02 #

    Hello, could you tell me the name of your friend that made the music for Rifat Ozbek? I love the soundtrack of his shows and would love to find more. Thx in advance!

    • A.G.Nauta couture 30 December 2019 at 17:13 #

      Hello, his name is Eddy de Clercq.

      X Netty Nauta

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