Fashion faux pas (part 5)

18 Mar

Last week I bumped into my friend Peter at a fleamarket and he happily reminded me of a fashion faux pas I had forgotten…

Some years ago Chloé launched their new sunglasses and one pair immediately caught my eyes; the pinkish ones with a crystal heart in the left corner. I had to have them, but regretted this purchase pretty soon after I bought them, because they were copied só often, I didn’t even like to wear them anymore.

I had a coffee-date with Peter and Kate at one of the cafés near the canals. It was a beautiful sunny day and we sat down near the water. Kate was telling us about a television program she watched a few nights before, about how to catch a man’s attention. One of the tips was to wave your hair from one side to the other. Kate showed us how, but ofcourse I could do it more theatrical, gave a demonstration and then it happened: my expensive Chloé sunglasses slipped of my face and fell into the canal…  Kate panicked and wanted to dive after them, but I yelled : ‘No, they aren’t worth it, their soooo last season!’

We couldn’t stop laughing and deep down inside I was happy they were gone. I will never buy anything so hip and trendy anymore, for sure it will be copied a million times…

One Response to “Fashion faux pas (part 5)”

  1. peter 9 April 2012 at 10:15 #

    Not to be forgotten in your list “Fashion faux pas”
    How time FLIES when you’re having fun….
    kisses Peter

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