All-white like girl at her first communion

1 Apr

I don’t remember much of my first communion except what I wore that day. It’s the first outfit of my childhood I have a recollection off …: a creme-coloured-with-silver-lurex-thread dress, white knee socks and white mary-jane’s… And large white bows in my hair (in almost all pictures of my childhood I wear these enormous bows in my piggy-tails or braids…On Queensday ofcourse my bows were orange, the colour of the Dutch Royal family).

I was so proud of my look that day and couldn’t stop smiling. The dress made a larger impression on me than the holy ceremony. I still love the all-white look… (see Fashion faux pas part 7).

The tradition of First Communion clothes   

First Communion is traditionally an important festive occasion for Roman Catholic families. Also, Holy Communion is the second sacrament of the seven. This is traditionally practiced by many Roman Catholic Italians, Latin American, Scottish, and Irish (etc.) families.

Traditions surrounding First Communion usually include large family gatherings and parties to celebrate the event and special clothing is usually worn. The clothing is often white to symbolize purity. Girls often wear fancy dresses and a veil attached to a wreath of flowers or hair ornament. In other communities girls commonly wear dresses passed down to them from sisters or mothers, or even simply their school uniforms plus the veil and/or wreath.

In many Latin America countries, boys wear military-style dress uniforms with gold braid aiguilettes. In Switzerland and Luxembourg, both boys and girls wear plain white robes with brown wooden crosses around their necks.

In Scotland, boys traditionally wear kilts and other traditional Scottish dress which accompany the kilt.

Gifts of a religious nature are usually given, such as rosaries, prayer books, in addition to religious statues and icons. Gifts of cash are also common.

Many families have formal professional photographs taken in addition to candid snapshot in order to commemorate the event. Some churches arrange for a professional photographer after the ceremony.

All-white looks are seen often on the catwalk, inspired by summer linen, winter ‘snow-like’ wool, bridal gowns, couture chique and the first communion. I like the first communion-inspired collections the most, for instance the one by Comme Des Garçons s/s 2012 and  Viktor&Rolf s/s 2002. Tao (a protegé of Comme des Garçons) also designed a lot of all-white’s… These collections have an innocent and pure look with a touch of couture, call it theatrical…

Comme des Garçons

Viktor & Rolf
Tao  (Comme Des Garçons)
Summer is on its way and I am sure I’m going to wear a lot of all-white’s again…

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