Fashion faux pas (part 7)

1 Apr

This is my most recent fashion faux pas…

(I am not a party person, to shy of a personality… Love to dress up though, because it makes me feel good, certainly not for attention)

This time I was invited to a very fashionable event. I still had this beautiful ‘white dress with white overcoat’ hanging in my (walk-in) closet, which I hadn’t worn before and I decided to make it an all-white outfit for the evening, finishing it off with my pretty white Miu-Miu glitter shoes. Thank God it was to warm to wear tights and I decided to go bare-legged, otherwise I would have put on white lacy hold-ups too….

After some time everybody was asked to go to the main hall where Duffy was going to perform. I followed the route downstairs and stood in the middle of the room looking around if I recognized anybody, when it happened: black light was turned on… Most people were dressed in black or other dark colours, so I stood there all alone glowing in the dark!!  I felt só uncomfortable, so present and there was nothing to hide behind…

On top of this, a smoke-machine blew a terrible substance into the air which made my throat swell and I could hardly breathe anymore. Fighting my way out of the room which was overcrowded and only had one small entry, I had to push people aside, apologizing with a squeaky voice :”Sorry, sorry, I can’t breathe! I need fresh air….”

Damm, that was not my finest fashion moment!

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