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“One (or Two) of a Kind” Collection for Men

26 Jan

Collection inspiration

The “One (or Two) of a Kind” Collection for men is a series of handmade clothes.  Only one or two items of the same fabric and/or colour are available within the collection, which contains trousers, shirts, jackets and coats.

The collection is inspired by the clothes worn in the ’20ties to ’40ties of the last century, but with a nowadays touch. Almost every item is made in wool, cotton, linen or viscose, pure or blends. Some of the fabrics are woven with very fine metal to secure a creased look.

All fabrics are pre-washed and after finishing an item, it’s washed again. Some clothes get an extra treatment. All shirts, jackets, coats and most of the trousers are finished by visible hand stitching.

A.G.Nauta couture label

The collection will be available in about two weeks.

Apollonia Van Ravenstein, Model in the 70ties & 80ties and the Book written about Those Days

8 Dec


When school pictures were taken, Apollonia Van Ravenstein always had to stand in the back, because of her height. At 15, the owner of a pantyhose factory , situated in her hometown Geldrop (Netherlands), asked her to pose for his new collection.  Apollonia sent him to meet her parents for approval. She was paid fl 75,- (€ 34,-) for the session, while her pocket-money was only € 11,- a month.

It was her brother Theo who convinced her to take the next step. He owned a hair salon in Berlin, Germany, and  was interested in fashion magazines. Theo told his sister, he believed she could become a professional model, made an appointment at the model agency of Corine Rottshäfer and accompanied Apollonia to Amsterdam. She was wearing a light-blue suit her mum had made for her. The other women at the agency were wearing fur coats, their hair up in a bun and too much make-up.

Within a month Apollonia was called ‘the face of 1970’ by the most important newspaper. She travelled to Milan, did a cover for Vogue, went to Paris and not long after took off to New York. The beginning of her model career was overwhelming. ‘You earn lots of money, you’re placed on a pedestal, but your inner grow suffers from these circumstances. The beginning of the 70ties was one big party, with lots of drugs and alcohol. I saw people in the fashion world who came to grief.’

Apollonia became well-known in the 70ties and 80ties. She modelled for Norman Parkinson, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn . Her pictures were in various magazines such as Vogue Magazine and Ambiance (1978 ). In 1972 she went to the United States and received an exclusive contract with American Vogue. Besides the modelling world, she was also active in the art and music scene. She met with Andy Warhol , who signed her, was one of Mick Jagger’s girlfriends and modelled for Playboy Magazine  in June 1978.


Apollonia by Andy Warhol

Recently, september 11, 2013, these polaroids of Apollonia by Andy Warhol were auctioned.


ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987)  Apollonia Von Ravenstein  four unique polaroid prints  each: 4¼ x 3 3/8 in. (10.8 x 8.6 cm.) Executed in 1982. One time use for world wide publication.Apollonia photographed by Andy Warhol
news_story_detail-Apollonia-van-RavensteinApollonia van Ravenstein. Circa 1978-1979Appolonia%20Van%20Ravenstein%20cover Apollonia on the cover of Andy Warhol’s Interview, June 1973


She played a small role in the music video for Golden Earrings Quiet Eyes by Anton Corbijn in 1986.
Since the late 90s Apollonia van Ravenstein sails the seas, as hostess and interpreter on board luxury cruise ships of the Holland America Line . She is married to Captain Edward Zaane.



Recently (November 2014) Apollonia was named in the biography by actress Anjelica Huston, who was Jack Nicholson’s other half during the 70ties and 80ties. Apollonia and Anjelica were friends, but after a onenightstand with Jack, Apollonia was no longer welcome in Anjelica’s house.

It’s said, Apollonia also had a brief encounter with Mick Jagger during those days (but who hasn’t).


Irving Penn

US Vogue November 1, 1972 , Pale, Liquid…with Pearl at Night


Albert Watson’s Twelve

Albert Watson’s Twelve was private edition of twelve 12″ x 10″ silver gelatin prints, with an additional print (the heels) tipped onto the box cover, that was produced for his major clients. Only 12 of these sets were made. 1978

Apollonia Albert Watsons twelve 1978 topmodelsoftheworld_com
Norman Parkinson59813b1a0d021ff756fb3c938fb1147c



Vogue CoversMX-2600N_20110110_112921_001



Avenue (Dutch magazine) May 1972

apollonia 001

apollonia 002

apollonia 003Apollonia van Ravenstein photographed by Barry McKinley

Various pictures of Apollonia





Apollonia Van Ravenstein








Model  by Michael Gross

Book cover

The definitive story of the international modeling business—and its evil twin, legalized flesh peddling—Model is a tale of beautiful women empowered and subjugated; a tale of vast sums of money, rape, both symbolic and of the flesh, sex and drugs, obsession and tragic death ; and of the most unholy combination in commerce: stunning young women and rich, lascivious men.  Overview of modeling industry and several supermodels. Models Persons Health Fitness Beauty Grooming Business Cindy Linda Christy Naomi Magazine Covers Tv Ads Supermodels Francine Counihan Jean Patchett Suzy Parker Celia Hammond Veruschka Lauren Hutton Apollonia Ravenstein Louise Despointes Gunilla Linblad Shelley Smith Janice Dickinson Mike Reinhardt Christie Brinkley Bitten Knudsen Tara Shannon Christine Bolster Veronica Webb.

Investigative journalist Michael Gross takes us into the private studios and hidden villas where models play and are preyed upon, and tears down modeling’s carefully constructed façade of glamour to reveal the untold truths of an ugly trade.

Model by Michael Gross. Published in 1995.


The Froggies – Apollonia Von Ravenstein – 1985


Johan Asherton’s hommage for Dutch actress/ model Apollonia van Ravenstein.



Reinhard Plank, hats & shoes

25 Mar

This week I celebrated my 52nd birthday and it was one of the best birthdays ever!!! I was terribly spoiled by my friends…

My man-friend left for South-Africa, but not before giving me a one-off fabulous birthday-present…: a transparent, vintage beads necklace worn by Naomi Campbell at the Rifat Ozbek s/s 1990 fashion show! My friend was responsible for the music at  Rifat Ozbek’s shows for years and gave him the necklace personally after the show. How fab is that?! Edina Monsoon eat your heart out….!

And that was only the beginning, because my girlfriends surprised me too with great gifts. I don’t want to make anybody envious, but a beautiful flower-arrangement in a glass-looks-like-wood vase, Kyoto fragrance by Comme Des Garçons and an amazing wax candle-holder by Maison Martin Margiela 13..

After coffee I went for some shoe-shopping (not for me) with my friend/sister-in-law and in her favourite shoe store I saw an incredibly beautiful hat. I tried it on and fell in love with it. I didn’t dare to ask the price, afraid it would be expensive. The price was nice and I wanted to buy it for myself, but I got it as yet another fab birthday-present!!

                 I am incredibly spoiled  this year, thanks só much again to all of you…!!!!

In the shoe store I asked the owner about the designer of the hat and he told me the brand is still small and quiet new, all  hats are made by the designer himself, Reinhard Plank. At home I googled the name and found the website:   Check it out yourself!

Reinhard Plank is still only sold by high fashion stores which sell smaller but very promising brands. Loved by fashion in-crowd and daring people. The hats are very agreeably priced, something seldom happens at a new and obscure brand! The designs are inspired by old farmers hats, the dandy look, Peter Pan, Robin Hood and classic English designs as the bowler and top hat.

Video of Reinhard Plank decorating a hat

Reinhard Plank biography

Born in Vipiteno (Bolzano, Italy) in 1970. He graduated in 1998 at Wiens University of Applied Arts. He participated in many design projects and in 1996  he won the International Design Competition of Fukai (Japan). In 2003 in Wien he began to recycle hats and reshape them on his personal style. So was born his first hat: “il classico”. In 2005 he moved to Tuscany to approach the old and traditional art of making hats. In the same year he participated at his firts Pitti Uomo and emerged as a hat/cap designer. While proceeding in his research, in 2007 he designed his first pair of shoes.

In Amsterdam Reinhard Plank is sold by LUUKS

Online sold at   and

Jeffrey Campbell

19 Feb

I have a huge shoe-fetish… for sure. My taste is quiet diverse, from very girly to heavily proportioned shoes, but they need to have high heels or be wedges… Thankfully I can walk on all heels like others walk on sneakers. Ofcourse I would love to buy all of the most beautiful designer pairs, but I can’t afford it ánd there are many non-designer brands,which make amazing shoes and give me as much pleasure to wear as the expensive high fashion designs.

A couple of years ago I discovered a brand called Jeffrey Campbell. It was the first brand I found, that made a lot of wedges, even before wedges became very fashionable. I bought my first pair of J (effrey) C (ampbell) booties in a shop in Amsterdam. The next season I went back to this store, to see if they were selling the new JC collection. Over the years I bought quiet some pairs. But because in Amsterdam not many people buy this brand, it’s difficult for the store to stock up the whole collection. Hallelua for internet-shopping…

The brand Jeffrey Campbell is about 10 years on the market and comes from the heart of Los Angeles. Over the years JC has become a footwear brand well-known in the USA. The small family owned fashion forward footwear label is already available across Asia,Canada, Australia,The UK, New Zealand and has become more available in Europe.

Sometimes the brand gets inspiration from high fashion houses, but also from artists and movie characters. They are selling heelless shoes, a bit like the ones designed by Noritaka Tatehana (ashame Lady Gaga wears these all the time, for this makes me nót want to wear them)….

Another inspiration is Edward Scissorhands, the movie character so brilliantly played by Johnny Depp

Vivienne Westwood is definitely also a source of inspiration.

A tribute was made to the famous Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, with the coloured platforms. 

And some Viktor&Rolf

And a tribute to one of my favorite painters, Jackson Pollock.

And some other shoes and boots of the brand…

You can buy Jeffrey Campbell at . They sell almost the complete collection. Don’t get derived by the lesser designs of the brand!!!

Embroidery on leather

15 Jan

Last friday I started working on a new leather coat and I am so happy with the (almost finished) result, I had to share!!

I bought some pieces of damaged leather a couple of month ago. Damaged because I don’t like ‘perfect’, it always seems a bit boring to me. For all this time, the leather was stuck in a plastic bag, but last week I found it again and started thinking about what to do with it.

Lately I have been trying out embroidery with shoelaces and the result is beautiful. I already  made a few dresses with this technique (not all for myself,hi,hi) and with some very fine knitted fabric I also made a man’s polo sweater with the embroidery.

So I thought it could be great to do try the same technique on leather. After trying out on some little pieces of material, I went for it. Yesterday I almost finished the coat and this morning I looked at it again with fresh eyes. I am in love with it…

I also used the shoelaces to close the coat. Naturally because I like it, but also because I work on a normal, home sewing machine and I can’t make the right buttonholes with the machine. This triggers me to come up with other solutions than the regular buttonholes. It’s annoying sometimes, but also  pushes my creativity…

Can’t wait to wear it…!