“One (or Two) of a Kind” Collection for Men

26 Jan

Collection inspiration

The “One (or Two) of a Kind” Collection for men is a series of handmade clothes.  Only one or two items of the same fabric and/or colour are available within the collection, which contains trousers, shirts, jackets and coats.

The collection is inspired by the clothes worn in the ’20ties to ’40ties of the last century, but with a nowadays touch. Almost every item is made in wool, cotton, linen or viscose, pure or blends. Some of the fabrics are woven with very fine metal to secure a creased look.

All fabrics are pre-washed and after finishing an item, it’s washed again. Some clothes get an extra treatment. All shirts, jackets, coats and most of the trousers are finished by visible hand stitching.

A.G.Nauta couture label

The collection will be available in about two weeks.

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