Jeffrey Campbell

19 Feb

I have a huge shoe-fetish… for sure. My taste is quiet diverse, from very girly to heavily proportioned shoes, but they need to have high heels or be wedges… Thankfully I can walk on all heels like others walk on sneakers. Ofcourse I would love to buy all of the most beautiful designer pairs, but I can’t afford it ánd there are many non-designer brands,which make amazing shoes and give me as much pleasure to wear as the expensive high fashion designs.

A couple of years ago I discovered a brand called Jeffrey Campbell. It was the first brand I found, that made a lot of wedges, even before wedges became very fashionable. I bought my first pair of J (effrey) C (ampbell) booties in a shop in Amsterdam. The next season I went back to this store, to see if they were selling the new JC collection. Over the years I bought quiet some pairs. But because in Amsterdam not many people buy this brand, it’s difficult for the store to stock up the whole collection. Hallelua for internet-shopping…

The brand Jeffrey Campbell is about 10 years on the market and comes from the heart of Los Angeles. Over the years JC has become a footwear brand well-known in the USA. The small family owned fashion forward footwear label is already available across Asia,Canada, Australia,The UK, New Zealand and has become more available in Europe.

Sometimes the brand gets inspiration from high fashion houses, but also from artists and movie characters. They are selling heelless shoes, a bit like the ones designed by Noritaka Tatehana (ashame Lady Gaga wears these all the time, for this makes me nót want to wear them)….

Another inspiration is Edward Scissorhands, the movie character so brilliantly played by Johnny Depp

Vivienne Westwood is definitely also a source of inspiration.

A tribute was made to the famous Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, with the coloured platforms. 

And some Viktor&Rolf

And a tribute to one of my favorite painters, Jackson Pollock.

And some other shoes and boots of the brand…

You can buy Jeffrey Campbell at . They sell almost the complete collection. Don’t get derived by the lesser designs of the brand!!!

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