Fashion,Future & Music

19 Feb

My friend, one of the first stylists to work for Dutch  ELLE magazine (nowadays fashion director for Dutch Vogue magazine), was asked to do something special at the party celebration of the 20th anniversary of ELLE. She called me and asked if I would work with her on this project. The theme was Fashion & Future and we decided to make a short movie. It would be the first time for us to work on film, but we had worked on so many photographed editorial stories together already, we knew we could do it. Talking about Fashion & Future, we came up with the idea, children are the future and the children we wanted to film had to represent famous fashion designers and fashion icons.

I asked Eddy de Clercq, who has been responsable for the music at shows and performances of  Viktor&Rolf  the first 10 years, if we could use a piece of music he created for the performance ‘Paris-Tokyo’ by V&R.

The making of this short movie was a great experience and again I want to thank all children and grown-ups, who collaborated with us, for their time and enthusiasm ! I still love it….

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