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Sid & Nancy; defrosted, alive and kicking

8 Apr

This year, some exhibitions are opened about the Punk movement in Holland. My friend owned a club, De Koer, in Amsterdam during those days and was asked to contribute to the exhibitions and the book written about the period. His club was my favorite hang-out and I have great memories of the nights I spend there…

Two openings and a presentation were on the agenda and my friend asked me to be his arm-candy at these occasions. We would go all-the-way punk and I started thinking about ‘what to wear’..

A few years ago I went to the ’20 years ELLE magazine’- party in a dress I made out of Union Jacks. These days I started collecting flags and I still had a plastic bag full of them. This time I didn’t want to make something out of Union Jacks again, although it seemed obvious (to me). I decided to make a coat of my collection American flags.

It was a lot of work, because I had to strengthen the flags with a cotton layer; they got very delicate during their days waving in the wind. The end-result was pretty damn good…! I send some pictures to my friend, although I had a feeling the coat wasn’t finished. He came up with the idea to bleach the coat to make it look more punky. I bleached the coat and then put it in a tea-bath.

The day of the book presentation I was ill (again), but a few weeks later we went to the museum in Utrecht for the opening of the exhibition there. My friend wore leather motor-pants, a t-shirt I made of an old Joy Division shirt, a red boiled-wool Comme Des Garçons jacket and pink fluor socks I got at Topshop. I wore my American flag coat, a black slipdress-with-petticoat, black lace hold-ups and Vivienne Westwood platform shoes.

In the car, on the way over there we listened to punk music and had a lot of fun already because of our over-the-top appearances. We both have a great sense of humor and self-mockery, thank God!

The car was parked in front of the museum and got out. We looked around and noticed we were the only ones who dressed up/wore punk outfits, the rest of the people wore their everyday clothes. My friend looked at me and said: ‘Here we are, Sid &Nancy arrived’…. I have a vivid imagination and couldn’t get the picture of Sid&Nancy defrosted that morning and coming back to life in 2012 out of my mind…, they would have looked like we did…hi,hi. My friend started introducing me as Nancy (instead of Netty), nobody understood that joke except us…

After the boring opening speech and visiting the exhibition we drove back to Amsterdam. We had a great day together….

Fashion,Future & Music

19 Feb

My friend, one of the first stylists to work for Dutch  ELLE magazine (nowadays fashion director for Dutch Vogue magazine), was asked to do something special at the party celebration of the 20th anniversary of ELLE. She called me and asked if I would work with her on this project. The theme was Fashion & Future and we decided to make a short movie. It would be the first time for us to work on film, but we had worked on so many photographed editorial stories together already, we knew we could do it. Talking about Fashion & Future, we came up with the idea, children are the future and the children we wanted to film had to represent famous fashion designers and fashion icons.

I asked Eddy de Clercq, who has been responsable for the music at shows and performances of  Viktor&Rolf  the first 10 years, if we could use a piece of music he created for the performance ‘Paris-Tokyo’ by V&R.

The making of this short movie was a great experience and again I want to thank all children and grown-ups, who collaborated with us, for their time and enthusiasm ! I still love it….