Fashion faux pas (part 9)

29 Apr

Must be 15 years ago, I wanted a new agency to represent me and I made an appointment with the one I prefered the most.

I have very sensitive skin on my thighs and tummy and therefore I cannot wear a pantyhose. Hold-ups were not for sale yet, so I mostly chose to wear stocking-socks under my outfits. Not very charming when you have ‘big legs’ and definitely not fashionable those days. I was pretty happy maxi skirts and dresses were in fashion and nobody would notice my stocking-socks.

The day of the appointment I choose my outfit for the occasion carefully: a dark blue, maxi, pinstriped skirt, a t-shirt with a cute print and tough shoes. I was quiet nervous when I rang the doorbell and entered the building. Somebody opened the door of the office I had to be and I stepped in, not knowing they just polished the floor with wax……

I slipped and slided over the floor and ended sitting on my bum my legs widened in v-shape, my skirt halfway at my thighs, showing my skincoloured stocking-socks….aahhhhrrrggg.

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