Fashion faux pas (part 8)

22 Apr

I had been on a make up-job in Brighton (England) for a week and before flying home I went (window-)shopping in London. Walking around I found myself near Harrods, the expensive department store and wanted to go in, when I got stopped by one of the security men. I wasn’t allowed to enter the store because I was dressed too provocative… The security guy told me about this new policy at the door; women (and men) dressed too sexy weren’t allowed into the store.

But I wasn’t dressed too sexy, wearing Marlene Dietrich trousers and a Ann DeMeulenmeester t-shirt. The problem seamed to be my belt, a beautiful barbed wire belt I bought in New York. If I was willing to take of the belt and leave it at the security desk in front of the store, I would be allowed  into the store.

Thanks, but I didn’t feel like playing this game and I left, quiet pissed ofcourse….


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