Fashion faux pas (part 4)

26 Feb

Some time ago I went through a rough period and decided to talk to a therapist. I made an appointment and a few days later I rang the doorbell. The therapist opened the door herself and looked at me. She seemed a bit surprised…

The waiting room was in the basement and she offered to help me get down the stairs. I thanked her, but it wasn’t necessary. Waiting for the therapist to call me to her office, I wondered what made her think I needed help going down the stairs? Maybe I looked very distressed or panicked?

When it was time to join her in her office, again she asked if I needed help? She began our talk by asking me why I dressed up for the appointment… A bit startled by her question, I said : ‘I always look like this’ (most of the time when people ask me something similar, I ad : ‘I only come in one flavour’, but this time it seemed inappropriate to make a joke…). I was wearing an antique-green silk velours ausbrenner dress and because I like mixed ‘n matched, I combined it with a pair of black canvas laced-up wedges.

After 50 minutes my time was up and she escorted me to the door. We shook hands and then she helped me over the doorstep and asked if I would get home safely. No problem, my bicycle was nearby. She raised her eyebrows… and looked at my shoes. Then I understood …. My shoes had a ‘fashionable orthopedic look’, but my therapist thought they were actually genuine orthopedic shoes!

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