Great vintage finds

15 Apr

The monthly second-hand market in Amsterdam (IJ-hallen) is a good place for great finds! Over the years I bought some real treasures there, this doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing to go home with some exclusives every time, but it is worth going…

A few years ago I was wandering on the market and saw some nice handbags hanging above one of the market stalls. I went over there and saw a real Saddle Bag by Dior hanging between the others bags… I asked the girl behind the table if she knew what she was selling (not the best thing to do at a second-hand market, point out to a person about what they’re selling, but this time it felled right). She told me all her friends wanted to buy the bag from her, but in the end not one had the money to pay for it. She was so tired of the selling/not selling this bag, she decided the first person on the market, who recognized the bag, could buy it for € 7,50. And I was the lucky one!!!

Another time I was at the market again with Astrid (we try to go every month) and we were almost ready to go home. It was cold and we had bought so much stuff, we could hardly carry all of it. Astrid even called her husband asking to pick us up… On our way out of the building I saw something interesting in the corner of my eyes, a pair of shoes. I walked to the stand and saw they were brand new Gucci shoes in my size. I tried them on and they were a perfect fit. The lady behind the stand tried to sell them all morning and that didn’t went very well so now she was willing to sell them for only €15,-. Astrid bought them for me… I have great friends!

Last weekend we went to the market again and we spotted a pair of beautiful vintage Dior shoes. The lady behind the table explained they came from a museum in Paris and were worn at the first Dior fashion show. I got really excited and asked the price; € 150,-. I doubted what to do and the lady said I could also make an offer. I had to think about it because soon I will go on holiday to Japan and therefore it’s not a good time to spent so much money. We walked on, but the shoes stayed on my mind. After we finished our rounds on the market Astrid asked if I wanted to go back and get the shoes. I decided not too, but I’m sure I will regret this decision one day….

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