Story about a necklace (1)

4 Mar

This story took place in Italy. I was on holiday with my friend in northern Croatia and one day we made a trip to Trieste. Around lunchtime we looked for a restaurant. It was truffle-season and my friend found this fantastic little cafeteria were they served pasta with truffles. We sat down at one of the tables and enjoyed the food ánd the Italian drama that was going on down there.

At one point an elderly man walked in who obviously knew the people there. He looked like a chique vagabond with a passion for life and all good things it brings, like good food. He set down and ordered a coffee. I looked at him and saw the beautiful red coloured beaded necklace he was wearing. My friend saw it too and said he could try to buy it from him, because the man probably lived of  finding and selling stuff and would like to earn some money (for the great pasta down there). We discussed the ultimate price I was willing to pay for the necklace and my friend went over. He knew how to play the game and started with offering the man a drink.

A little later my friend came back and told me he bargained down to €90,- for the necklace  My ultimate price was a hundred, so deal! I bought the necklace and the man immediately ordered a plate of the pasta with truffles and a beer… Every time I look at the necklace I smell the magnificent truffle dishes in the cafeteria and think of that fantastic afternoon in Italy.

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