Kirsten Owen

29 Jan

Kirsten Owen has been my favorite model, since the first picture I saw of her. I am pretty sure it’s the picture above, by Peter Lindbergh, for Vogue Italia. What makes her so special to me is difficult to explain, but I’ll try..

She started her modeling career at the age of 17 , when she almost immediately appeared on 3 different covers of ELLE magazine at the same time, in Italy, France and Spain. Something unheard of for a newcomer in the business. Photographers love her for her eyes and androgynous appeal and designers for her ability to add something extra to the clothes, a quality not many models have… she is not just a pretty woman.

I like her, because she has a punky glamour, naturel beauty and  mystique in her face. When showing Haute Couture, she makes it look more ‘wearable’. In portraits she captures my eyes and makes me wonder what on her mind. She can make basics look like high fashion and high fashion less extraordinary…

I just want to show some of her work, because I admire her beauty.

One Response to “Kirsten Owen”

  1. Dušan Daño 23 November 2015 at 17:52 #

    I finally just today discovered a name of the model I always adored ,and her name is Kirsten Owen!!! She’s indeed amazing ,still working I just saw her work in latest Barney’s catalogue!!!❤️

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