Legacies of war

1 Jan

Martin Margiela lounged mittens with separated index fingers years ago. I love them and have two pairs myself, short black leather ones and long knitted army green ones.

Curious as I am, I wanted to know why the separate index finger and started seeking for an explenation. I finaly found it in a book about army clothes. The design comes from WW I & II, when in winter soldiers needed to keep their hands warm, but also needed to be able to handle their riffles. To pull the trigger,mittens were not practical, but separated index fingers in the mittens became the solution to this problem……

Another legacy of WWII is drawing the seam of a nylon stocking on the back of your leg. Women didn’t have money for fresh nylons and there was also a great shortage of supplies, so they found the solution in faking them, by drawing a seam on the back of their legs, how clever was that!

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