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Bullfighter costumes photographed by Peter Müller

11 Aug


Matador César Rincón after a bullfight in Seville. This must be the sexiest picture ever taken of a bullfighter!

The photograph is made by Peter Müller, who was born in Peru. He studied art and architecture at Zurich university before working as assistant to photographer Bert Stern and chief camera operator under director Eddie Vorkapich. After many years living in Spain, working on major advertising campaigns and for various magazines including Vogue, he decided to look more closely at the crafts and lifestyle of southern Spain.

Two books by Peter Müller have been published, featuring photographs of Spanish bullfighter costumes.

Oro Plata: Embroidered Costumes of the Bullfight

Oro PlataCostumes of light


According to Spanish tradition, the bullfighter should never wear his costume outside the bullring. Published for the first time, the greatest stars of the Corrida, resplendent in their elaborately embroidered costumes, are brought to readers in a series of stunning studio portraits. Matadors dressed in gold and banderilleros wearing silver re-enact the dramatic gestures and intricate choreography of their profession, displaying the most artistic, appealing aspects of the bullfight as seen today in Spain, France and South America. Oro Plata and Costumes of light are the perfect showcase for both the colorful history and tradition of these costumes, and for the living legends of the men who wear them.










Bullfighter’s costume influence on fashion

Ann Demeulemeester ‘matador’ jacket


Jeremy Scott designed  these sweaters for Adidas Originals



Jeremy Scott in his matador inspired Adidas Originals jacket 


Matador inspired jacket


Moschino 2012



Sarah Jessica Parker in Matador look

Sarah jessica parker moda taurinav

Sarah jessica parker 2 moda taurina

And last but not least, the king of dress-up, John Galliano as a Matador


Suzy Menkes collection at Christie’s

14 Jul


suzy menkes

My friend Eddy send me an email this week, with a link to the Christie’s  Online Auctions : The Suzy Menkes Collection. Some spectaculair garments are for sale, specially the very sought after Ossie Clark/Celia Birtwell pieces are rare to be found.


Suzy Menkes is an iconic fashion journalist who is held in the highest esteem by designers, models, fellow journalists and fashion followers around the globe. Comprising just over 90 lots, the collection features an inspiring array of dresses, coats, skirts, jackets and accessories by a cross spectrum of the most revered names in fashion from Ossie Clark and Emilio Pucci, to Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix. All the pieces highlight Suzy’s beliefs that colour and pattern make every day joyous and that clothes are like friends: they have to complement your personality, your hopes and desires.








Crab hat

17 Aug

(away) on holiday

6 May

I will be away on holiday and won’t publish posts for a few weeks, but will try to publish some picture of my stay in Japan.

I’ll be back at the end of May,


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